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Our tour introduces you the experience of ziplining with shorter ziplines closer to the ground at the beginning of the tour. Our longest zipline is about 300 meter, about 60 meter high, and 49 platforms in total.

Our unique location
Dragon Flight Zipline Camp is situated in the mountains of nearby Doi Saket among ancient native forests. You will experience the serenity of Thailand jungle up-close while sailing on ziplines between platforms built on centuries-old Yang trees (Dipterocarpus Genus), the guardians of the forest. Thais have revered these majestic giants since ancient times for their rubber-like sap and strong wood. The trees are also seen as sacred residences where forest spirits may reside. You can see some of these trees have colorful sashes tied around them with offerings made to their spirits. 

Package includes:
49 Platforms
26 Ziplines (longest 800 m, 500 m, 300 m)
3 Abseils
1 Sky Board
1 Elevator Chair
1 Cable Walk
1 Timber Sky Ladder
1 Spiral Staircase
1 Tree House
1 Sidewinder
Nature Walk
Lunch or dinner
Coffee or tea
Drinking water
First aid insurance
Free transportation
Free Dragon Flight t-shirt

A company van picks you up at your hotel at the prearranged time
Travel time to Drago Flight is approximately one hour
After arriving amid the 1000 year old forest. Our guide will help you into your equipment and explain how to enjoy your adventure safely.
Make the short 5 minute trek to Dragon Flight starting point.
Enjoy 3 hours of fun high up in the trees, crossing 49 platforms with many exciting activities
Return to base, relax, and enjoy a freshly cooked set meal
A company van takes you back to your hotel
Note: Total time from pickup and drop off is approximately 6 hours

Head Office:

Dragon Flight Zipline Chiang Mai

47/2 Moon Muang Road,

T. Prasing A. Muang Chiang Mai 50200


Call Center +66(0)81-884-5887

Tel : +6653-208-666 , +6689-755-2632

Fax: +6653-280-541

E-mail: info@dragonflightchiangmai.com

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