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Doi Saket district is No. coffee production region in South East Asia and No. 4 in the world! You will fly over world class coffee plantations and have the opportunity to pick your own fresh coffee beans.

Our Dragon Flight zipline camp is situated in the mountains of nearby Doi Saket among ancient native forests. You will experience the serenity of Thailand is jungle up-close while sailing on ziplines between platforms built on centuries-old Yang trees (Dipterocarpus Genus), the guardian of the forest. Thais have revered these majestic giants since ancient times for their rubber-like sap and strong wood. The trees are also seen as sacred residences where forest spirits may reside. You can see some of these trees have been colorful sashes tied around them, with offering made to their spirits. Come marvel at their towering beauty as you stand tree-top among their branches looking at the emerald rainforest all around you.  
It is unlike any other place on earth, a 1,500 year-old tropical rainforest teaming with life – the sights and sounds of wild Thailand. 
Soaring through the tree canopy via zipline and our innovative sky bridges is one of a kind eco-adventure that you will not want to miss. For the ultimate eco-adventure, try our Dragon Flight Zipline Chiang Mai, an unforgettable eco experience.

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